August 2018 Newsletter

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Our kids have been enjoying a wonderful summer and we’re so grateful for the support of so many who make our work possible. Despite a very rainy start to the summer, August brought us many sunny days in which the kids were able to play outside and swim. This is definitely a highlight of the summer for so many of our children and we’re always sad to pack away swimsuits and floats in anticipation of cooler weather.

We were very thankful this month to have four long-term volunteers here with us. We were so glad to welcome Andrew and Jo-anne back from Australia; this was their third visit to New Hope and they are always so eager to jump in and help wherever help is needed. In addition, we welcomed new volunteer Sarah from Singapore and Lainie from the USA. Sarah will be with us until mid-September and Lainie will be with us until mid-December. Our long-term volunteers are such an integral part of our work as they step in and help with so many day-to-day tasks and also provide great and stimulating activities for our children.

 Andrew & Jo-anne


                          Sarah                                  Lainie

As most of you know, we get quite a few visitors and groups at our Shunyi home each month. Many times groups will bring a special skill or gift to share with the children, and this month we were pleased to have a group of teachers from Little Oasis, which is a local play space here in Beijing. The kids always have such a wonderful time playing and singing along with their nannies during these special music times.

With Grateful Hearts,
Robin, Joyce, and the New Hope Staff

“He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has.”


This month:
20 children were admitted or re-admitted into our care
children were adopted or were discovered to have been adopted
7 children were hospitalized or had surgeries
No children passed away

Please visit our Prayer Listoften for updates on prayer needs for our children

Our Needs…

As we mentioned above, the early part of this summer brought us a lot of rain. And by that we mean A LOT of rain. As a result, we had significant leaking which damaged many of the ceilings throughout the home. We are currently in need of funds for a new roof cover and also to cover the costs to repair the parts of the ceiling which were damaged. The estimated cost for these repairs is $15,000 (USD). If you are willing to help with this project, please email us or visit our Donation Page (if giving via our Donation Page, please be sure to leave a comment letting us know the funds are to go towards roofing costs).

Baby News and Movements from our Shunyi, Beijing Care Center
Lakambini and Sisa went for checkups after their liver transplants. AnjanetteAscot,CadmanCharityCurtEllisEstherFaraFerrisHomerTrevor, and Zane arrived at our Beijing Special Care Center from other Care Centers. We are glad to see these new faces! JonathanMaegan, and Rafael needed to leave Beijing for further treatment with us in Henan Province. We were very excited to learn that Zacharias was adopted!


News from our Henan and Nanjing Special Care Centers
Amalie and Simone-Vicente were adopted this month, and we’re also grateful to have heard that Conrad was adopted previously!