Visitors need to provide their own transport. We can provide instructions for drivers and taxis on request. It takes about 1 hour by car to get to our place from the city center.
Taxis to our Home are expensive and you will need to reserve them for the whole day as there are no taxis out of our village.
You will not be permitted to feed, bathe or change the young babies as these are the nanny’s duties and are very important for the wellbeing of the baby. 
Please advise the Home at least 36 hours before your proposed visit so that the staff can plan your visit.
 If you are ill, please do not come, as even minor infections can spread rapidly through the children.
As the Home is only a small facility, please limit your group to only 2 -3 visitors at a time.
Larger groups wanting to do outdoor projects are welcome. Please contact
A map to our Home is available here as are directions in Chinese.

We welcome teams (up to 15 persons) to come and stay with us, see what we do, and to experience Beijing.

For groups your specific duties and itinerary will be discussed with you if they have not already been planned by your group leader prior to your arrival. Since the care center is fully staffed, the main activity offered to participants is spending time with the children in ways that are intentional and mindful of the children.  An attitude of being a “willing servant” will be much appreciated. We are all here in this role as servants and we are here to serve the people of this village and the children.


Board and Lodging

For your lodging you will be expected to donate US$35 per person per day, which includes 3 meals a day. 
Meals are Chinese, served in the Dining Room. We will provide breakfast cereals, toast, etc. for those who prefer a Western breakfast. Refrigerator and utensils are provided.
Laundry facilities will be provided. A communal shower block is available for your use. Please bring your own toiletries, detergent and towels.


Transport and Tourism

Transport to and from the airport is free of charge.


Our Expectations while in our Home

A certain level of behavior is expected of you while you are with us, so that we do not offend the local people. You will be representing all the foreigners here as well as your home country. (No smoking, no alcohol, no bad language, decent dress code.)
Distributing religious literature is against the law. Meetings with local people for religious purposes are forbidden. Any breach of this rule will jeopardize the safety of both the foreigners and locals here. Please take this as a serious warning as it affects the lives of all of us.
Please treat all staff with respect. If you are concerned about anything that you see, please advise the Director immediately. We certainly appreciate your comments and suggestions that could improve the way we run our organization but please do not try to correct the local staff yourselves as this may cause confusion. They have been trained to care for the children according to our policies and there may be cultural issues that may not be clear to you.
If you are ill, please do not interact with the babies as even minor infections can spread rapidly through the children. Frequent hand washing is mandatory in all our units.
You will not be permitted to feed, bathe or change the young babies as these are the nannies’ duties.
You will not be permitted to enter the Isolation rooms.


For more information please email