November 2018 Newsletter

To Comfort always, to Relieve often, to Save sometimes   
November 2018
Dear Friends and Supporters,

November truly was a full month for us, in so many ways. Despite crackdowns in many areas in China, we continue to see an increase in children admitted to our care. In this season when many of us are reminded to give thanks, we are very grateful and fortunate that we are able to continue to work in China in the context that we do. This is not something we take for granted.

Of course, as we mentioned last month, the continued increase in children means an increase to our budget as we need to continue to hire more staff. Nanny and medical staff salaries make up nearly 75% of our overall expenses, so your regular giving is very important to us.

We really want to thank those of you who responded to last month’s newsletter and have increased your giving; we are still however a long way short of our budgeted goal. As we mentioned last month, we need an extra $30,000 (USD)/ per month to support the extra staff needed. As we come towards the end of this year, would you consider joining with us in this opportunity that God has given us to impact the lives of more babies in need here in China? This can be done either by a one time gift or committing to monthly, ongoing support. Please donate on our website or contact us for more information.

Roof Update
Our thanks go to all of you who contributed to the new roof at the Shunyi Center in Beijing. Work is nearly finished and we are so grateful (and hopeful) that we will not have to worry about leaks for years to come!

One More Current Need…

As many of you know, we have a wonderful preschool classroom here at our Beijing facility. Preschool provides an enriching opportunity for our children to learn in an environment that is safe, comfortable and appropriate to their needs. As you may also know, our preschool is taught by loving long-term volunteers who commit to a month or longer of service to teach our preschoolers. We’ve had some truly wonderful volunteers this year for whom we are so grateful; unfortunately, we don’t have any volunteers committed to come until spring, so our preschool may have to take a short break (which, as you can imagine, is quite disappointing for our children) or be on a limited schedule at best. If you love children and you’ve ever considered an opportunity like this, would youcontact us for more information? Teaching experience is preferred, but not required, and we will provide you with support and all the teaching resources you’ll need.

Now On To More Thanks!
This month we had the very special privilege of hosting a group of women from the US who came with the specific intent of using their skills and gifts to help our children, mainly through supporting our staff. This group included teachers, therapists, interpreters, adoptive moms and even a TBRI practitioner. They helped us in many areas including preschool unit planning, helping to evaluate our children, providing us with many sign language resources and stocking our physical therapy room with some amazing new equipment. But one of the most important things they brought us was encouragement; after they left, we felt genuinely supported and motivated to press on with the work we are doing to try not just to provide basic care for our children, but to care for them well, with love and integrity, honoring each of them for their uniqueness and value. Thank you, ladies!

With Grateful Hearts,
Robin, Joyce, and the New Hope Staff
“Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has plenty; not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.” 
Charles Dickens
This month
8 children were admitted into our care

1 child was adopted

34 hospitalizations or surgeries were needed

1 child passed away

Please visit our Prayer Listoften for updates on prayer needs for our children

Prayer List
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This month our children and staff gathered together and had the opportunity to celebrate the life of this great man. We are so grateful for his continued life and service to helping children in need.

Baby News and Movements from our Shunyi, Beijing Care Center
We welcomed Freeman into our care. Jarvis and Niño arrived from other Care Centers. Lakambini and Sisa continued their usual follow up visits to Tianjin.Samuel-Thomas needed hospitalization in Beijing for an illness. He then traveled to Hong Kong to receive further care and surgery with MedArt China Orphan Outreach.Several children were able to go to Suzhou this month for complex testing and surgeries (pictured below). We are thankful for the MedArt-Suzhou partnership that has assisted these children. Last, but certainly not least, we are so thankful thatBella was adopted by a local Chinese family!


Beijing kids and their nannies off to Suzhou

News from our Henan and Nanjing Special Care Centers

Several children from our Henan facilities were also able to go to Suzhou this month for complex testing and surgeries.