October 2018 Newsletter

To Comfort always, to Relieve often, to Save sometimes
October 2018
Dear Friends and Supporters,

Autumn is in full swing and as you can see from the photos in this month’s newsletter, our kids had a really fun time celebrating October birthdays in Halloween style. We are so grateful for the support of so many which make these memorable experiences possible for our children. As of late, we have seen an increase in admissions of babies in very real need; as a result, we’ve have decided to take on extra staff to make sure that we keep our nanny to baby ratio the same. We are also hoping to increase our nursing staff. The opportunity to help more babies is both exciting and costly.

Nanny and medical staff salaries make up nearly 75% of our overall expenses, so your regular giving is very important to us. Thank you for your continued support!

Current Needs
We hope to have the capacity to care for around 20% more babies by early next year; this would mean we would be caring for over 300 babies with medical challenges. The increase in children will mean that we need approximately $30,000 (USD) more each month in regular giving and we are putting our trust in God to provide what is needed to provide for the needs of these additional children.

We also need to replace two of our current vehicles: a small car and a van, both which are now over 10 years old and are starting to cost too much to keep on the road. The cost to replace both vehicles will be approximately $30,000 (USD).

If you would like to help toward these costs, please donate on our website or contact us for more information. Any gifts towards these expenses would be really appreciated.

Roof Update
Our thanks go to all of you who contributed to the new roof at the Shunyi Center in Beijing. Work will start early November to replace the old roof and we look forward to no more leaks.

2019 Calendar Sale – Order before 11/15
Back by popular demand, we have the Year of Hope 2019 edition calendars for sale. All artwork is made by the kids at NHF and will help in the running costs this winter.

This year we have 2 calendars available:

  • Wall hanging style ($20 + shipping)
  • Desktop style ($10 + shipping)

Our thanks to Stephanie Irizarry for making these possible!

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Thank you, Adventist Heart Team 
Our sincere gratitude is given to Dr. and Mrs. Cheung, and Dr. Maurice Leung from Hong Kong’s Adventist Hospital.

They came to Zhengzhou to teach our medical staff and to give expert assessments on 35 children with congenital heart disease. Every assessment gave us the direction we needed to best approach each child’s care. We are very thankful.
With Grateful Hearts,
Robin, Joyce, and the New Hope Staff
“No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.”
– Aesop
This month
30 children were admitted or re-admitted
into our carechildren were adopted or were discovered to have been adopted

14 hospitalizations or surgeries were needed

3 children passed
away in care

Please visit our Prayer Listoften for updates on prayer needs for our children

Prayer List

New Hope T-Shirts!

Thank you to everyone who ordered t-shirts! The t-shirts are still available in sizes XS-XXL and either white or maroon.  Kathleen & Isaac(pictured above) are two of the artists who contributed to the design!  We believe the Chinese character, “ài” (love), captures the heart of this work in which you have joined as friends and supporters.
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Baby News and Movements from our Shunyi, Beijing Care Center
Lakambini and Sisa continued to go back and forth from Tianjin for further testing and follow up after their liver transplants.

News from our Henan and Nanjing Special Care Centers

JustusKyla, and Marian were all adopted this month, and we were also excited to hear that Ezra had previously been adopted!