Special Care Center

This is the newest of our Special Care Centers in Henan province, having opened in July 2015. With the help of Show Hope and many other donors, we have been able to renovate part of a 3-story building on the same site as the Child Welfare Institute (CWI).

The CWI in Nanyang, which is about a 2.5 hour drive south of Luoyang, has over 300 children of which more than 150 are below the age of five.  Our Care Center there currently has 27 beds.

All our Special Care Centers care for some children that are not expected to live, as well as children with very critical medical conditions, whose medical care is under instruction of the local medical facilities. We do not take this responsibility lightly and are very grateful that the local Children’s Welfare Institutes have entrusted us with their care.


Your contributions make quality care for orphans possible. New Hope Foundation relies on contributions by donors like you!


Make a special connection with one of the children in our care.  Sponsors receive quarterly updates about the specific children whose care they sponsor.

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