September 2018 Newsletter

Please note: This newsletter originally appeared here.

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Earlier this month we had the privilege of hosting a great group of guys from We Carry Kevan. Some of you may have heard their story on social media, but if you haven’t, we’d encourage you to check out their website: for more information. Our staff had a great time visiting with them and we are so grateful for their generosity in gifting us a pack, just like Kevan’s, that we can use when traveling with children with limited mobility.


Pool days came to a close this month and daily preschool classes are back in session. We were excited to welcome our new volunteer, Freya, from Ireland this month. She heard about us from her older sister, Rebecca, who volunteered with us nearly 10 years ago. Freya will be with us until mid-December; she and Lainie (whom we introduced last month) make a great team and are doing a wonderful job teaching our preschool classes.

Dr. Joyce has been working on a new book for many months now titled Children of Hope: 29 Inspiring Adoption Stories. If you haven’t already purchased a copy, you don’t want to miss reading this. The paperback edition is available on Amazon.

With Grateful Hearts,
Robin, Joyce, and the New Hope Staff

“God uses men who are weak and feeble enough
to lean on Him.”Hudson Taylor

This month
11 children were admitted
into our carechildren were adopted

10 hospitalizations or surgeries were needed

No children passed
away in care

Please visit our Prayer Listoften for updates on prayer needs for our children

New Hope T-Shirts!

We have started a t-shirt fundraiser featuring artwork created by the precious kids for whom we care. The t-shirts are available in sizes XS-XXL and either white or maroon.  We believe the Chinese character, “ài” (love), captures the heart of this work in which you have joined as friends and supporters.

You can place your order here.

A Special Thank You
We’d like to extend our sincerest thanks for the many generous donations that were sent last month towards our roofing repairs. We are always so grateful and blown away, month to month, by the generosity of so many. It reminds us each time that God’s hand is in this work and that He will provide as we have need.

In Memory

We were saddened this month to hear of the passing of YaDu Bailey who had been in our care in Jiaozuo from 2009-2016. He was known with us as “Dante” and was adopted in 2016 when he was 7 years old; he spent two years with his family in the United States. His obituary can be viewed here. Our sincerest and most heartfelt condolences go out to his family. We know he will be sorely missed.

YaDu pictured in 2016 at his farewell party at our Jiaozuo Special Care Center 

Baby News and Movements from our Shunyi, Beijing Care Center

Lakambini and Sisa returned from Tianjin hospital after further testing, and Sisa needed to go again to Tianjin at the end of the month for further care.  She returned to us again doing well.  We’re also thrilled to report that Art was adopted!


News from our Henan and Nanjing Special Care Centers

Boomer was adopted!