Show Hope Special Care Center Xinyang

Xinyang is located in the southern part of Henan province, about 5 hours from Luoyang. It is nestled amidst several different mountainous areas making for a very scenic view when arriving by car or train. The greater Xinyang area has a population of roughly 6 million people (not particularly notable in a country of several billion people). The city itself is pretty quaint and has many old-China-style buildings, which leads one to think about romantic ideas of what the ancient civilization was like in previous centuries.

The Xinyang unit is the smallest of our network, consisting of 18 beds on the fifth floor of the Xinyang Child Welfare Institute (CWI). Our unit in Xinyang plays a vital “frontline” role, as children with critical medical conditions and needs are admitted directly to the facility. From there our on-site nurses and medical professionals are able to decide the best course of care for each child. This sometimes results in the child being transferred to Maria's Big House of Hope or even Beijing to receive the special care they need. This unit’s running cost is fully funded by Show Hope, our partners in this work.

We have recently been given the opportunity by the Xinyang CWI director and the local civil affairs administrators to expand our work in Xinyang through the opening of the new Xinyang CWI in 2014. The local government has been immensely generous in providing us with an abundant space in the new CWI increasing our work from 18 beds to 45 beds. The renovations for the new unit have been completed, and we are just waiting for the CWI to move into the new facility.