Sylvia Huxtable


Beautiful Babies

It was seven years ago, while working as a volunteer at New Hope Foundation that I was asked to take nine month old baby Joey to Hong Kong. Joey had already had surgery for bladder exstrophy at the age of four months. Unfortunately he developed a very aggressive brain tumor and died nine months later. He was the first of my beautiful babies, whom I grew to love dearly.

Next I was privileged to take fifteen month old baby Grace to Hong Kong for surgery. Grace needed complex surgery and a lot of reconstruction. I had a few days to get to know this adorable baby, who had been at ‘Hope’ since she was eight days old. Grace needed a lot of tests. The poor little love was frightened and upset by all of this and needed a lot of comforting cuddles. I took Grace to the operating theatre at 8 am. The team of doctors and nurses stood around Grace and me while she went to sleep. As I held Grace, I prayed for her and the team, it was a very special time for everyone. I was able to reassure the surgeon Dr. John Ngan that God would guide him throughout and he wasn't alone. Fifteen hours later, I was able to go to theatre to bring Grace back to the ward. it had been an anxious day for me. It was nearly 11 pm. I can't describe how I felt when John placed her in my arms and I gave her a pacifier and comfort blanket. It was amazing how quickly Grace recovered, an answer to prayer I know. My darling baby was walking around only five days after surgery.

Later I cared for five more children between the ages of one and two years, all needing complex surgery. I stayed with the babies all the time for between two to three months. During that time, I was their Mama and they were my babies. After surgery we did nice things while they had ongoing treatment. We went to Disneyland, Ocean Park, had boat trips to islands and other fun things.

I made lots of friends, who supported me in difficult times.

Soon there will be another baby needing a Mama to love them. What a blessing for me.

– Sylvia Huxtable