The Atteberry Family

"Darin, my husband, met Timmy while visiting in China. Although Darin did not come home from that trip expecting to adopt, the pictures of he and Timmy left a lasting impression on me. I had been praying to adopt for about 10 years and I was very interested in this little boy whose adorable little face smiled at me from a picture.

After making a few inquiries regarding his condition, talking with our children, seeking the advice of trusted friends and consulting a surgeon at the Children’s Hospital, we made the decision to proceed with the adoption. Timmy’s heart condition is not “fixable” but there were some things surgeons could do to help.

Even though we do not know how long he will be with us, our family was in agreement, Timmy deserved to have a family to call his own even it was for a month, a year, or whenever.

Bringing Timmy into our family was one of the best decisions we have ever made. He fits in so well with our family and feels biological in every way. We could not imagine our life without him. He was the child I had been praying for for 10 years. We have opened our hearts to this precious boy who desired so much to have a family of his own. It amazed me how badly he wanted one once we received him and made me sad for the other waiting children who were out there without a forever family and desperately wanting one.

Timmy asked me one day what would have happened to him if we had not found him. I tear up thinking about it. We are forever grateful to New Hope for taking in our son and getting him the help he needed until we could bring him home. If they had not, his life would have been drastically different and perhaps he would not have survived.

No one knows how long any of us will be on this earth until we are called home, but I will tell you one thing, that the time Timmy has here will be full of love and hope surrounded by a family that Timmy called, when we first brought him home, 'all Timmy’s'."

– Deborah Atteberry