The Barrett Family


I often reflect on what we would have missed if we had said no to Sarah and Sam. What blessings of laughter, deep wells of joy and powerful confirmation of our faith would have been missed had we passed these little ones by. They are miracles in the truest sense of the word and through their adoptions; our lives were forever changed, transformed by the beauty, power and tenderness of a love we cannot explain.

Sarah and Sam were both born with biliary atresia (BA), a liver condition that occurs in every 15,000 to 20,000 births. It affects the body’s ability to drain bile from the liver, which leads to scarring (cirrhosis). Without medical intervention, most children die by the age of 2; with treatment, children have a good chance at living long and productive lives.

In just the last year, New Hope has cared for several BA orphans. Where most would count them as lost, New Hope sees every child as precious and becomes the advocate these little ones so desperately need in order to live. Six of these orphans received crucial surgeries, extending their lives, and yet, although this initial treatment slows the clock, 70% will eventually require liver transplants to live. Given the costs of such surgeries along with post-operative care and medications, orphans are unlikely candidates for treatment. For these children, being adopted, grafted into a loving family, then becomes a matter of life and death.

We never set out to adopt children with medical needs, but when we look back over our lives, we can see our hearts were molded and shaped specially for them. There wasn’t any question as to whether we should pursue them or not and although we did have moments of doubt and fear, we chose to see them for who they were instead of what conditions they had. We adopted them because we loved them.

Today, there is excitement and joy, purpose and even adventure, in the most common, ordinary and routine tasks in our lives. We have witnessed the impossible materialize with such alarming precision and deliberateness that our faith and outlook on life will never be the same. We now believe life’s richest blessings knead compassion into your heart while challenging you to overcome your fears, and all the while, they whisper of faith, hope and love. This is what our children have done for us. They are truly little miracles who run around and burp and pass gas and giggle and laugh and give slobbery kisses and sticky hugs. They also cry and scream, one still makes poopie diapers, the other we cannot get to eat to save our lives, but we cannot imagine our lives without them. Our cups are past overflowing – our lives are well beyond blessed – all of this – because of Love.

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– Mike and Kim Barrett