The McKenzie Family


The McKenzie Family

My wife LeAnn and daughter Addison remember in great detail the day that they first mentioned their interest in adding a child to our family through international adoption. However, I have no recollection of that discussion because I dismissed the idea so quickly that it never had a chance to land in my brain.

From my viewpoint, we had two wonderful kids who were well on their way to becoming adults and LeAnn and I were well on our way to a new life with no kids in the house. Why would we want to change the great plans that we had made for our lives?

Over the next 2 years, LeAnn and Addison spent much time praying that I would consider the possibilities of adoption. Slowly my heart began to warm to the idea of changing the life of a child through adoption to the point where I was all on board with the girls and could not wait to meet our new little girl.

On May 30, 2011, in Zhengzhou, China, we welcomed Emerson Scott McKenzie into our family. Very soon thereafter, all of my thoughts about changing Emmi’s life were turned completely upside down!

There is no doubt that Emmi is in a far better place today because of our decision to adopt. However, the greater impact has been to me and the rest of our family. Our “good” family life has been turned into a “great” family life!

We have a clearer sense of purpose, a newfound joy, and more laughter and happiness than we would have ever experienced without our adoption of Emmi. In many cases, as kids move into their late teen years, it is difficult to maintain the same level of family closeness experienced in the early family years. For us, our adoption of Emmi has meant that as our two older kids have grown, we are now closer than we have ever been as a family. I am so glad that God used LeAnn and Addison to encourage our family to take the risk and decide to adopt… it has changed all of us forever!

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– Tim McKenzie