Stories of Hope

Adoption Update: Cyndi

Jan 26, 2019

From Cyndi’s parents:

I’m so excited to share an update on Cyndi, who was at Home Foster Home (from 2006-2008). Cyndi is our beautiful, spunky 13 year old daughter. She is light hearted and funny and has a real talent for drawing. Her favorite things to draw are dragons, wolves and anime characters. She loves Miyazaki movies and hopes to be an animator someday.

Cyndi in care at New Hope   young woman holding a puppy

Cyndi is an eighth grader and will move on to high school in the fall. Her favorite subjects are art and science. She really likes school andworks hard on her homework. After school she goes to Taekwondo three times a week and has achieved her green belt. This past December she received an award as student of the year! She will start assisting with beginning students this year and hopes to work towards her black belt and start teaching.

Recently Cyndi received a puppy and she does most of the work to take care of him. She is very responsible and dedicated to his happiness.

Cyndi has some memories of Hope Foster Home, especially about the little boy she spent most of her time with, Jamie. We have had the chance to visit with him a couple of times in the past years that we’ve been home although he lives quite a few states away from us. In her heart he will always be her brother. We cherish the scrapbook that we received when we were able to visit during our adoption trip and will always be grateful for the amazing care and love that she was given. I’m certain that her resilience and confidence come from those early days.

From the first minute we became a family, Cyndi was all in. She had the support and preparation that she needed to transition into our family and into her new life and it made all the difference!

Our family was not complete until she joined our family. Thank you for bridging those years between her birth family and our family, being another part of her extended family.