Our Children

Meet the Children in Our Care

These are just a few of the approximately 50 children entrusted to New Hope Foundation’s care in China at this time. Because we believe that these children are made by God and are infinitely precious to Him, we comfort them every moment we get to care for them, try to relieve any suffering as much as we possibly can, and do everything we can to preserve their life here on earth.

We are glad for the opportunity to introduce the children below to you.

Click on the children’s photos to learn a little more about them!

You can become a child’s sponsor or give a child sponsorship to someone you love!
See specific details about our Child Sponsorship program below.



FelicityFelicity was born in 2011 in the Henan Province. She was born with cerebral palsy. She is a sweet and beautiful child with a contagious laugh. She is described as a delightfully friendly little girl. She loves her favorite toy doll and is content to spend much...



KentKent was born in 2012 in the Henan Province. He was born with cerebral palsy. He’s joyfully happy, inquisitive, and adorable! He is strong and shows great resilience and determination. He has become very mobile and enjoys taking strolls down the hallways or...



CyrusCyrus was born in 2020 in the Henan Province. He was born with a condition that affects his skin. Cyrus is described as cheerful, snuggly, and adored by all. He loves being held close and cuddled, but also enjoys being thrown in the air! He likes roaming around...



JacksonJackson was born in 2009 in the Henan Province. He was born with cerebral palsy. His smile brightens the entire room whenever someone walks in and says his name. He enjoys listening to stories and to music. He likes to walk outside while his nanny is pushing...



DanDan was born in 2019 in the Henan Province. He was born with Down syndrome and congenital heart disease. There isn’t much that this little guy doesn’t find joy in! He is described as silly, happy, and playful. He loves being on the trampoline, and he asks every day...



EnoreeEnoree was born in 2014 in the Henan Province. She was born with cerebral palsy. She is a precious girl whose radiant smile brings joy to those around her. She has a sweet, gentle nature and is a delight to her caregivers. She loves being held and surrounded...

Will you pray for the many children in our care?

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About Child Sponsorship
How do I sponsor a child?

To sponsor a child, click on one of the photos above to learn more about the child and to explore different methods of donating.

What is child sponsorship through New Hope Foundation?

Child sponsorship is an opportunity for individuals to give regularly in the name of one of the children in care to benefit all of the children in care. It connects sponsors with individual children so they can learn more specifically about one child who is benefitting from their ongoing generosity.

By sponsoring a child through New Hope Foundation, you can have confidence that your gifts are used wisely to provide the greatest benefit to all the children in care. Sponsorship provides a way for you to help provide for food, shelter, medical care, love, safety, and nurture that these children need. Without generous donors, we could not continue this work.

Though it may be an “over the miles” relationship, a commitment to child sponsorship is a great way to share your love with precious children in need.

Sponsoring a child with New Hope Foundation means that you will partner with us by committing to donate at least $10 a month while we will provide you with regular updates about that child.

What can I expect as a sponsor?

Child updates are sent by email. In order to reduce costs, we do not provide printed paper updates.

Child updates are sent every three months. Twice a year sponsors receive a written update with photos, and twice a year sponsors receive exclusive photo updates.

Out of a desire to honor and protect each child’s privacy, the focus of the child updates is on the positive aspects of the child’s daily life and not the serious medical challenges many of them face. The child updates are shared solely in an effort to provide sponsors with a glimpse of the unique beauty and dignity inherent to every child. These are in no way intended to be a complete or up-to-date substitute for referral information given by a licensed adoption agency.

In addition to quarterly child updates, sponsors receive a welcome email at the beginning of their sponsorship period as well as notification if/when their child is no longer available for sponsorship.

Can I give a child sponsorship to someone else?

Yes, child sponsorships can be gifted to others. Send us an email at sponsorship@newhope.foundation to let us know who you would like to give this gift to. Quarterly child updates will be sent to the recipient of your gift while your donation benefits all the children.

What does it mean for a child to no longer be available for sponsorship?

Children need to leave the sponsorship program when they leave our care for adoption, if they pass away, or if they return to the Child Welfare Institutes. Other children might need to be removed from the sponsorship program for unforeseen circumstances while still remaining in our care.

When a child you are sponsoring is no longer available for sponsorship, you will be notified in a timely manner by email letting you know about the change and about the new child your sponsorship will automatically transfer over to. You will also be given the opportunity at that time to choose a different child to sponsor or to cancel the sponsorship if you prefer. If we do not hear back from you, your sponsorship will automatically move over to the new child.

When I sign up for sponsorship, how long is the commitment for?

Monthly, long-term donors provide the financial foundation for this work as we strive to provide these children with constant, secure love and care. For this reason, our sponsorships are set up to run until the sponsor chooses to discontinue their sponsorship. This also helps to lighten the load of administration.

How do I manage the sponsorship when I want to cancel or make changes?

If you want to cancel the sponsorship, update the donation amount or frequency, change the sponsored child, or have any other questions, please contact us by email at sponsorship@newhope.foundation. We are glad to assist you.

Can I sponsor more than one child?

Yes, we encourage you to sponsor as many children as you are able. We send one email update for each sponsored child.

Does the donation go directly to the sponsored child?

Donations given for child sponsorship go toward benefiting all the children in our care, including the sponsored child.

We also allow children to have more than one sponsor to help ensure that all the needs of all the children in our care are met.

Can I contact or visit a sponsored child?

Please contact us by email at sponsorship@newhope.foundation for more information about contacting or visiting a sponsored child.

I would like to adopt a child on your list. What do I do next?

We are so thankful for your desire to learn more about adoption! These children are pricelessly precious and need to be in families. Please note that although we are not able to directly help with adoptions, and we have strict boundaries on what we are allowed to say about the children in our care, we would be glad for you to contact us by email at info@newhope.foundation for more information and resources on adoption.

Do you have more information on who you are and how you approach caring for these children?

Please go to our About Us page to read our story and learn more about our care for these children.

Still have questions?

Please email us with any other questions you have about Child Sponsorship.