Stories of Hope

Adoption Update: Abbey

Mar 20, 2019

It’s so hard to put into words how much New Hope means to our family! Abbey (known as “Trace” while at New Hope) is thriving and we know it is because of all the love she received in New Hope’s care. Abbey fits into our family perfectly – her younger brother is her best friend and they very rarely ever do anything apart. He would be lost without her! She is so smart!! Abbey started preschool this year and she loves going to learn and play. She loves music, being outside and working on any kind of craft. She also has several good friends outside of our family who she loves and talks about often.

We keep pictures of the New Hope family over her bed and we talk about her friends and nannies often. Abbey told us that she wanted to take us to visit “her China” to meet everyone, and we were so happy to make that trip at the beginning of March!

– Abbey’s parents

We had the privilege of getting to see Abbey recently when she and her mom visited our Beijing Care Center. Her friends and nannies were so excited to see her again and it was wonderful to see how well she’s doing just one year after joining her forever family.