Stories of Hope

Adoption Update: Caroline

Nov 7, 2019

It is hard to believe that over four years have passed since we were in China! We are forever grateful to the staff and nannies that provided life-sustaining medical care and much love and nurture to Caroline (known as “Mary” in Beijing) for the first two years of her life. Caroline is now 6 years old and in kindergarten.

Caroline has the most tender, kindest and caring hearts of anyone you will meet. Her tender heart and selfless acts of kindness make an impact on all who know her. Caroline loves nature, anything arts and crafts, and animals. She is very expressive through art and can create beautiful masterpieces on any given day. One of her favorite pastimes is to make cards and artwork for friends and family. Caroline does therapeutic horseback riding and has our standard poodle and miniature poodle trained to do whatever she says!

Caroline at NHF

Caroline today

She and her sister Campbell (also 6) are best friends. There is never a shortage of mischief and giggles in our house. 🙂 They have grown up together and share a special bond. It never ceases to amaze us to see the love they show for each other.

Caroline was born with limb deformities and a congenital heart defect. Since being in our family, she has gone through multiple orthopedic surgeries and various procedures. She is determined and doesn’t let anything get her down. Just last month, Caroline had her second open heart surgery. We are eager to see how this will improve her energy levels and just feel better overall.