Stories of Hope

Adoption Update: Ellis

Jun 18, 2020

A note from Kris J. who adopted Ellis (known as “Anna” while in our care):

“Nearly 11 years ago, I boarded a plane for China and brought this beautiful 3-year-old girl into my life. Born with spina bifida and sent to a palliative care unit in the city of Jiaozuo, Henan province to die in peace, New Hope Foundation intervened and asked that she be transferred to Beijing. There, Joyce and Robin Hill and the incredible staff of Hope Healing Home (which it was named at the time) literally saved her life.”

Young Ellis

Ellis with her New Hope nanny

“Ellis was almost 4 years old when she was placed in my arms. For the first two years home, she spoke often about her precious ayis (nannies) at Hope, especially Xiu Jiu, with whom she felt most connected. For a long time, despite explanation, she believed this person was her ‘China mom.’ It goes without saying that this person was, in fact, one of her moms. While those memories have faded, she cherishes the photos and videos we have of her time in China. She was deeply loved and so well cared for at Hope.”

“Ellis has grown into a vibrant, happy, unusually mature 14-year-old who soared through middle school obtaining honors, joining the Cambridge Program this past year. She is off to high school in the fall, which seems unbelievable! She loves to play tennis (and as a full-time wheelchair user, is better than me), archery, and won’t shy from a basketball hoop. Given the choice in film or books, she will choose anything with humor as she loves to laugh. Ellis excels in math, loves Marvel, and ALL things make-up/nails/hair. She has a huge heart and believes family truly is everything. From day one home she claimed all of us as ‘hers.’ She loves fiercely and fully, and what a blessing she is in all our lives.”

“Three years ago Ellis became a big sister to crazy man, Teller, who was also adopted from China. She’s incredibly patient with this firecracker of a child! They get along better than I could have hoped for and I can’t wait to watch their relationship deepen and mature as they age.”

“What a blessing it is to be called mom by these two!”

As we prepare this post to be published, we are keenly aware of the hundreds of families who are in the waiting stage to bring their child(ren) home. Although a time of waiting is inevitable in any adoption, it has been made all the longer and more painful as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the travel restrictions that have come into place as an effect of its increasing spread around the world. If you are one of those families, please know that our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to you daily as you wait. It is our great hope that we will soon be celebrating hundreds of children meeting their families, but in the meantime, may God increase our hope and faith in Him during this very difficult time of waiting.