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Adoption Update: Jie

by Sep 11, 2019Stories of Hope0 comments

Jie is such an amazing little guy! He’s kind, loving, mischievous, and determined with a silly sense of humor. We’ve discovered he has a little bit of daredevil side-he loves to climb and ride his plasma car (bike) fast. His upper body strength is amazing and he thrives on challenges involving climbing with his arms. He’s getting faster and more proficient with his wheelchair and can go up and down ramps and climb in and out the wheelchair by himself.

Jie at NHF

I am so thankful for all the love that was shown to Jie. His love for life, his determination, and sweet spirit are surely a testament to the love he was given during his time in your care. He is going to go far in life and I’m so lucky to be his forever Mama.



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