Stories of Hope

Adoption Update: Phoebe

Jun 18, 2019

From Phoebe’s proud parents:

Phoebe is an amazing, energetic, determined, caring, curious, brilliant and FUN little girl!!! She has so many interests right now…she loves to wrestle with her Baba EVERY night, hang out with her sisters whenever they’re around, play with friends every chance she gets, play games and build things and talk my ear off every single day (which I absolutely love!!!). Her joyful spirit and laughter is contagious. This little firecracker does not discriminate in the friend department…she considers everyone a friend no matter their age 😂.

Phoebe at New Hope


Phoebe with her family

Phoebe was clearly loved and tenderly cared for, as that is how she loves. We (especially she) prays for all of the nannies that cared for her in China regularly and she loves to look at the book with their pictures in it. Though she does not remember much about China, she hopes to visit and prays that some nannies that know her will still be there when that time comes! We all adore her and thank God for the privilege to be her family💕