Stories of Hope

Adoption Update: Zanden

Aug 12, 2019

From Zanden’s parents:

Zanden at NHFWe cannot begin to fully express how thankful we are for the care our son received at NHF, it would just be inadequate. Our hearts are full with love for the women who have loved our baby boy so well as if he were their own. Many have told us, and we have witnessed first hand how much their love translates into the way he views others around him, and how he lives life with that love to give. He loves us with open arms because he was taught how to love and how to love well. We know how much of a gift this is. We had the privilege of meeting one of his dear nannies when visiting right before adopting Zanden, and what a joy it was to see the love wrapped in many emotions this woman had for our little guy.

It is an overwhelming feeling to look aZanden with glasses and bowtie “stranger” in the eyes and feel instantly connected over a mutual love all while wanting to give her the world for the gratitude that will forever be welling in this momma’s heart. Thank you for loving with open hands and open hearts, it will never be unnoticed.

Zanden with dad at ChristmasZanden is doing so wonderful! He is thriving and talking up a storm. He’s such a smart little cookie.

He loves to play with his siblings, loves his momma fiercely and enjoys playing with cars, trains and his beloved “bear bear.” We talk to him often about his previous home away from home and show him pictures of his wonderful nannies! He is such a blessing to us!