Child Spotlight: Alika

Dec 17, 2021

English Name: Alika
Gender: Female
Age: 6 years
Enjoys: Singing, dancing, and make-believe meals


Alika came to us in 2020—immediately filling the Hope Healing Home with her vibrant personality and joy. She’s described as vivacious and full of spunk. Born in 2015, she is at an age where life is full of wonder! She is inquisitive and bright and loves to use her imagination. Usually cooking up some delicious pretend food and serving it to all her friends, she enjoys the role of caretaker and fills it well!


Alika’s favorite pastime is singing and dancing. You can often find her making up songs and dances to teach to the younger children. She attends preschool during the week, and it is the highlight of her day! She is a chatterbox after class and loves to tell her nannies all about everything she played and learned. Whenever there is a camera around, she is the first to pose in front of it with her beaming smile and endless silly faces!

When she’s not cooking up imaginary food, Alika’s favorite meals are noodles and dumplings. The key to her heart is a warm hug and quality time with her best friends and nannies.


Alika was born with spina bifida. Just as she forges through life with all the fierce joy she can muster, we have seen her accomplish incredible feats! Every day we’ve spent with Alika has been a wonderful testament to the hope we have experienced through the love and care received at the Hope Healing Homes.

We know Alika will do great things and we are blessed to witness some of her story and share it with you. Please join us in praying for her continued health, and that someday she will know the love and security of a family.


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