Child Spotlight: Colin

Oct 19, 2023

English Name: Colin
Gender: Male
Age: Almost 4 years
Enjoys: Sweets and helping with simple chores


Meet Colin! This happy kid is nearing his 4th birthday, but in the meantime, he’s enjoying every bit of being 3! He is an affectionate boy who loves to be held, cuddled, and hugged. Even when there is a chair around, he will still choose to sit in the lap of a loved one. His sweet tooth is as sweet as he is, and when it’s time for parties, he delights in the lollipops, candies, and cakes!

Colin is enthusiastic and “up for anything.” It’s not uncommon to find him playing tag, play-wrestling with his friends, or dancing to Zumba classes! Jonathan, Rafael, and Tammy keep him very busy during the day with lots of playtime.

Colin tries hard to keep up with the older children in his room when they are putting together jigsaw puzzles, coloring pictures, drawing, or writing their Chinese characters. He’s a smart boy and will copy the words his nannies say when reading books. He also works hard to learn new skills in preschool.

While he is quite the social butterfly, he doesn’t mind playing alone during quiet times. His nannies have started to give him simple chores like cleaning up after himself or folding little towels and putting them away in drawers. He feels so proud of himself whenever he has the chance to help, and his nannies are quick to praise him!

Colin was born with congenital heart disease, and we have had the privilege of caring for him for a while now and he has shown such bravery. He has faced many trials in his young life, but we know he is wonderfully made for an amazing purpose.

It is our joy to care for Colin, and we pray that he will continue to grow in strength and love.