Stories of Hope

Child Spotlight: Deleila

Aug 29, 2019

Hi, my name is Deleila and I’m 3 years old. I am from the Henan Province and I was born with an eye condition. I was admitted into the care of one of New Hope Foundation’s Care Centers in September of 2016 as a chubby little 3.5-month-old.

Deleila, September 2016

Although when you first meet me, I may come across as quiet and shy, I am really quite outgoing and verbal. I can understand instructions and questions and will reply when I am encouraged to use my words. I learn new words quickly and am great at repeating what I am taught. I love to sing songs and read books with my nannies; sometimes I need to see the pictures close-up but once I get a chance to see them, I am content to let my nanny read the book. While we read, I like to help her turn the pages.

I love attending preschool each day and am an attentive student. I also love going outside on days when the weather is nice. When I’m playing inside, I enjoy building blocks and playing with the dollhouse in my playroom. At any chance I get, one of my favorite things to play with is a big exercise ball. I have a lot of fun playing with the twins in my room, Jonathan and Rafael. We also like to sing and dance together to songs from the movie “Frozen.”

Please keep Deleila in your prayers. We are so grateful we have the privilege to care for such a wonderful little girl and we pray that she will soon find her forever family. If you’d like to learn a bit more about Deleila, you can visit the Our Children page and click on her photo. You can also email us to find out how to help Deleila and other children in our care.

Please note that this piece is written in first-person narrative in our attempt to give you a glimpse of the child through his/her eyes; this text does not necessarily indicate the verbal level of the individual child and/or his/her proficiency in English.