Stories of Hope

Child Spotlight: Isaac

Mar 7, 2019

Hi, my name is Isaac and I’ve just turned 6 years old.* I am currently the oldest child living at New Hope Foundation’s Shunyi, Beijing home. I am full of energy, smiles and determination and I bring a lot of joy and laughter to those around me including my nannies, preschool teachers, Physical Therapist and other visitors who come to visit our home. Most people who visit our home rarely leave without an excited hello and high-five or hug from me. Although I have Spina Bifida, I have made great strides and have worked really hard to learn many new things; my most proud achievement has been learning to walk, with the help from my Physical Therapist.

* Please note that this piece is written in first-person narrative in our attempt to give you a glimpse of the child through his/her eyes; this text does not necessarily indicate the verbal level of the individual child and/or his/her proficiency in English.

I am from Shanxi Province and was admitted into the care of New Hope Foundation in October of 2013 when I was just 8 months old. Two months later I was able to go to Suzhou for surgery with a group from Hong Kong called MedArt. After surgery, I was quite sick and I spent some time at Maria’s Big House of Hope in Luoyang so that I could be closely monitored by our doctor. In 2015 I returned to our Beijing home.

One of my very favorite things to do is attend preschool. When my teachers come to prepare for class, I greet them excitedly and rush to the classroom door. I used to ride my ZipZac wheelchair to class each day but now I am so glad I can walk to class myself. I still require the use of a walker from time to time, but only when walking long distances.

I love to sing songs in class and I am learning about colors, shapes, letters and numbers. My teachers help me with fun activities like painting and I especially love snack time. I am learning how to feed myself and am often determined to do so without help. I like pretending my hand is an airplane full of food and I will giggle uncontrollably when the plane lands in my mouth!

When I’m not in preschool I really like physical therapy time. I’ve worked really hard to strengthen my muscles enough to walk; first with a walker, and now I can walk to preschool, to my nursery and to the bathroom without any help. I like to help my nannies by bringing things from across the room that they need for the smaller children in my nursery.

I recently celebrated my 6th birthday and I got to have two different birthday parties, one with my preschool class and another with all the children and nannies at the foster home. I was so proud to blow out all six of my candles all by myself at both parties and I loved joining in the chorus of “Happy Birthday” in English and Chinese.

Please keep Isaac in your prayers over the coming weeks as many things around him will be changing. Beijing has been his home for many years and we know that it will not be easy to say goodbye to the many wonderful nannies who have cared for him and watched him grow for many years. Our greatest hope for him and his greatest need is that he will find a forever family to adopt him.