Child Spotlight: Judy-Alexis

Mar 6, 2021

English Name: Judy-Alexis
Gender: Female
Age: 6 years
Enjoys: Going to school and art projects

Judy-Alexis intently coloring

Judy-Alexis is known for having a big personality that lights up the room! She is curious, bright, witty, and extremely silly. She’s also kind, helpful, and sweet. Her favorite part of the day is when she goes to preschool. In class, she enjoys doing art projects, singing songs, and learning new games. In her room, she likes when her nannies make animal sounds, and she guesses the name of the animal. Galvis and Charles are her best playmates, and they have a lot of fun during the day—building towers out of blocks and coloring are just some of their favorite pastimes.

Judy-Alexis is the big sister of her room and takes that task very seriously! She enjoys helping the nannies with daily chores like folding clothes and towels. She also likes to help take care of the small children and babies, and she’s quick to show the rambunctious toddlers what to do (or not to do!). She loves to talk, and can be heard chatting quickly to friends, nurses and nannies throughout the day!

Judy-Alexis showing off her artwork

Judy-Alexis was born with spina bifida and has shown great resilience in her life. She’s very independent and likes to try new things on her own. She gets stronger each day through her physical therapy sessions and can cruise around in her wheelchair with great ease and speed. 

She may be independent, but she still loves hugs and snuggling up with her nanny. She always asks her nanny to brush and braid her hair, and they get to spend sweet quiet moments together during that time.

Judy-Alexis gets her hair done

Judy-Alexis’ presence is bold, cheerful, and loving. She makes friends easily and loves them big. She is smart and a deep thinker. She is quick-witted and loves to make people laugh. She is kind-hearted and tenderly cares for others. We have known Judy-Alexis since she came into care when she was just one day old. We’ve seen her climb big mountains and reach exciting milestones all the way to where she is now, at 6 years old. We’ve loved caring for her and watching her grow—but our greatest hope is for her to join a family of her own. Our greatest desire is for her to reach future milestones in the context of a family, where they can celebrate the mountains she climbs together, cheer her on, hold her close, and know all the beautiful details that we are so honored to know about her. Will you join us in this prayer? If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about adoption, please contact us.

Judy-Alexis and her ride