Child Spotlight: Pammy

Mar 21, 2023

English Name: Pammy
Gender: Female
Age: 2.5 years
Enjoys: Preschool, hugs, and high fives!


Today is World Down Syndrome Day, and we would love to introduce you to one of our little ones who has an extra chromosome and teaches us new ways to love and laugh every day!

Meet Pammy! This cutie is bright, fun, curious, and sweet, all wrapped up in a two-and-a-half-year-old bundle of joy! We are thrilled to shine a spotlight on this little girl who has been in our care since she was just three months old.

Pammy has Down syndrome and congenital heart disease. This is fairly common, as about 40 to 50% of children born with Down syndrome also have a heart condition. Pammy has shown us her spunk and tenacity since she was a small baby, and we aren’t surprised that she has taken on the world as a bright and energetic toddler! Her nurses tell us that she is affectionate to most everyone, and loves to give warm hugs to her nannies, nurses, teachers, and friends. If you don’t receive a hug, not to worry, she’ll have a high five on the ready! She attends preschool and mimics the words the teachers say when counting with her fingers or raising her hand to tell them “dao!” (present!). She enjoys making crafts at school, and especially loved the day they were able to go outside to fly parachute balloons!

Pammy is a good helper to the other children in her room and often helps her nanny rock the small babies or hand them things they might want. She has learned how to put on and remove her own shoes and socks, and has become mobile around the room! She’s even spiced things up and likes to show off by walking backward down the hall! She enjoys the outdoors and will usually find small flowers to pick and smell. While she’s outside, she likes to ride on the toy cars or bouncy horses. If she’s playing indoors, she likes to dance to music or sort things into bags and drawers, then search through them to discover what she’s found! In the summer, the children enjoyed a pool day and she absolutely adored splashing in the water! She was all smiles and giggles, and we’re sure she’s anticipating another summer full of water fun!

Pammy is attached to her nanny and when she sees other children being held by her, she often toddles over with arms stretched out. She loves to snuggle into the arms of her nanny, but when it’s time to follow the nurses on their rounds, she is quick to volunteer! She is a sweet friend to the other children and has bonded well with each of them. We love to watch her curious mind develop and her enthusiastic and caring personality grow.

We are honored and delighted to know and love Pammy, and we have great hopes for a bright future for her. Will you join us as we pray for Pammy and so many others like her to know the security of a family?