Child Spotlight: Peter

Sep 4, 2020

English Name: Peter
Gender: Male
Age: 3 years
Enjoys: Fist bumps, musical instruments and Oreos

Peter first came to us when he was just two months old. He had been born premature and had a gastrointestinal condition. He has grown into a persistent “little man,” full of energy and described by his nurses as “always happy.” Their description of him is readily verifiable, too. Just about whenever and wherever you meet him, Peter is quick to blow kisses and his smile comes easy. His nurses cannot come into his room without a hearty exchange of high fives and fist bumps—nor can they get away without playing the same game all over again!

Over the past few months, Peter has been learning to walk with help from his nannies and the use of a walker during PT sessions. After much hard work, our determined little boy hit a wonderful milestone in early August when he took his first steps unassisted. The weeks have gone by since then and he is now able to take many more steps on his own and can walk from his room all the way down the hallway for his bath. It’s such a joy to watch him experiencing his new-found freedom!

Peter’s love for music is of particular note (yes, pun intended), and he seems to enjoy it in whatever form it comes in. He delights in being sung to, in clapping his hands or dancing to the music from the television, as well as making his own joyful noise through the various instruments at hand. Among his favorites are the xylophone, piano mat, maracas, tambourine and hand bells, but his top picks are the drums. There’s no shortage of smiles and giggles when our little drummer boy is in action!

Another item high on the list of Peter’s favorite things is Oreos. (Who doesn’t like them, right?) While he may have a sweet tooth when it comes to cookies, he is said to be a good eater and is not picky about food. He needs lots of extra energy for playtime as he particularly enjoys all the riding toys. He’s content to ride back and forth by himself but especially loves to race his nannies and the other children.

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak in China earlier this year, Peter was attending preschool classes at his Care Center, which he enjoyed so much. As a result of the outbreak, his teacher needed to leave, and preschool classes have been greatly missed by all of the children who attended. Thankfully Peter, along with many of the children at his Care Center, are now able to enjoy one-on-one tutoring five days a week by one of our local staff members. These classes are such a highlight of his day and we can’t wait to see his progress!

We’re so happy to be able to care for Peter, but we know his greatest need is to be adopted into a family of his own. Will you please join us in praying for this? Please contact us to find out more.