Stories of Hope

Child Spotlight: Pirena

Nov 29, 2019

Hi! My name is Pirena and I was born in the Henan province of China in 2017. Nice to meet you!

From what I understand, Pirena is a Filipino name. That’s pretty cool, huh? The “Pi” is pronounced like “pit” (without the “t,” of course) and the “re” is pronounced “ray.” Finish it off with a “nuh” sound and that makes for a very pretty name, I think.

I was born with congenital heart disease (CHD). I came into New Hope Foundation’s care in August of 2017 when I was not even a year old. Shortly after my arrival, I was whisked off for surgery and then returned to my Special Care Center in Henan. (I love it here in my spacious and colorful room!) I’ve continued to have people care for me and check on my heart, and I’m very thankful for those opportunities and the loving care I am always shown.

Pirena upon admission to NHF

In addition to CHD, I was born with an extra 21st chromosome. Yep, I have Down syndrome. The way I figure it, that extra chromosome just means there’s more of me to love!

And I am most definitely a lovable little girl. Just ask anyone who knows me. My personality is described as quiet and reserved, and I am more likely to be the child who stays in the background as others seek attention from staff and visitors. I’m happy being a lovely little wallflower, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like attention. I am charming and sweet as can be, and I’ll shower you with my special gifts anytime you look my way.

I enjoy going outside and playing with all the other children. I like all kinds of food, and my nanny can tell you that I’m not picky at all. And speaking of my nanny, when times are quiet and there’s not much else going on, I am contented just to sit in her lap or be cuddled in her loving arms.

Please keep Pirena in your prayers. She’s a darling little girl who is full of expression! Her greatest need and our greatest hope for her is that she will find a forever family of her own.

* Please note that this piece was written creatively in first-person narrative in an attempt to give you a glimpse of Pirena through her own eyes. This text is not intended to be an accurate representation of her verbal level or her proficiency in English.