Child Spotlight: Quianna

Feb 15, 2022

English Name: Quianna
Gender: Female
Age: 10.5 years
Enjoys: Xylophones and bubblebaths


Meet Quianna! This precious girl is all smiles and has the sweetest heart. We have been blessed to watch her grow into the amazing 10-year-old she is now!

Quianna is described as a girl who loves life and is always smiling. She finds happiness in music, hugs, and warm baths. Her favorite toy is the xylophone; with help from her nanny showing her how to hold the mallet, they play beautiful songs together. The nannies say it makes the most pleasant sound, bringing a smile to the staff and children who hear her play from down the hall. If she’s not playing the xylophone, she’s making music on a little toy drum with loud thuds and quiet taps from her hands and fingers. The look on her face depicts the pride she feels in her musicality.

During her bath, she greatly enjoys the bubbles and the feel of the water pouring from a cup. Whenever it splashes on her, or when her nanny washes her toes, she giggles loudly and waves her arms in glee. When she is taking time to rest, you can always find her with her favorite stuffed cow. Its soft plush fabric is so soothing to her that she snuggles it into her cheek and holds on to it both day and night! As comforted as she is by her cow, nothing compares to the warm cuddles from her nanny. They have formed a beautiful attachment and it is clear that Quianna feels safe and loved in her arms.

Quianna was born with a vision impairment and a nervous system condition; at times it can cause her to feel vulnerable, but the trust and security her nanny has shown has helped Quianna gain the confidence and courage needed to explore the world around her through touch and sound. We see the joy she holds through her brilliant smile that warms the hearts of all who know her.

Providing nurture, love, medical care, security, and comfort has proven to make a significant impact in the lives of children like Quianna, while we always hope that each can enter the love of a family one day. Will you join us as we continue to pray for her, as well as her resilient nannies?