Child Spotlight: Shayla (Update)

Dec 10, 2020

English Name: Shayla
Gender: Female
Age: 7.5 years
Enjoys: Preschool and singing songs

You may remember Shayla from her previous Spotlight post! Shayla, as always, is a joy to love and care for. We met her when she came into care at nearly 2 years old, and it has been an honor to watch her grow into the beautiful and sweet girl we now have the blessing of knowing so well!


Seeing her joy through the holiday celebrations is just a reminder of the joy she carries with her always. Her days are filled with fun as she delights in participating in preschool where she sings and learns from her teachers. She still enjoys spending time outside in nature––but as she’s grown, so has her curiosity! Picking flowers and exploring through the grass are some of her favorite things. She’s very observant and often copies her teacher when performing tasks. Her nurses say that she loves to sing and hum along to different tunes, and even does the actions for songs that include them!

She is still a little wary of strangers, but once she gets to know you, she will give the best warm hugs and probably ask to take several selfies with your phone! The people she knows and loves she cares for fiercely, and that is just one of the many things we admire most about her.

Shayla adorned in Christmas lights

Shayla was born with congenital heart disease, and she has shown us over and over again just how resilient she is. We have seen Shayla overcome much in her young life, and we have faith that she will continue to climb mountains. We ask for prayers of health and strength for this darling girl. In our joy of caring for Shayla, we know that her greatest need is to know the love of a family through adoption. Will you join us in praying for this to become a reality for Shayla?