Early Spring Fun at the Hope Healing Homes

Apr 19, 2022


If you’re familiar with New Hope Foundation, you know that our purpose and great joy is to provide a nurturing, home-like setting for the children in our care. We delight in the fact that we can offer them a loving, secure environment, along with many of the normalcies of childhood play and learning.

Play, of course, is learning, and the children have been busy of late just being kids! Many have enjoyed being outside on the playground now that winter’s chill has loosened its grip. The slide and outdoor ball pit are always crowd-pleasers, but overtaking them recently and coming in first place as the fan favorites are the “life-size” toy cars (life-size if you’re a tiny tot) with their bright and cheerful blues, yellows and oranges!

Indoor craft activities are greatly loved as well, and the children have such fun when they get to paint or color or do other things that allow their creativity to shine. After one such day recently, our nurses decided to set up a display of the artwork and have a photo shoot with the kids. We just couldn’t not share these sweet moments with you!

Check out some of these precious ones in action—both indoors and out—in the galleries below.

Artistes Extraordinaire

Good Times on the Playground

Fun with Modeling Clay

Easter Craft and Goodies