Making a Splash!

Jul 16, 2022

Trevor and Shayla

Nothing says “summer” like a day at the pool!

Temperatures have climbed in Henan Province, making it the perfect opportunity for our children to get outside to have a wet-and-wonderfully good time! The kiddy pool was the center of all the fun, and the kids had a blast wading in the water, splashing each other, getting drenched under the sprinkler, and sliding down the mini water slide!

For some of the younger children, like Tammy and Pammy, it was a new experience to be in an outdoor pool, and they seemed mostly content to just walk about cautiously, or to sit near the sides and watch all the activity going on. Ellie and Chloe demonstrated their bravery by going down the water slide on their bellies head-first! Their smiles tell the whole story! Some of the other boys and girls joined them, while Roderick was most happy to sit at the bottom of the slide and make big splashes in the water. Our sweet and forever-camera-shy Trevor does his best to turn away when we come to take a photo, but we were able to get a nice shot of him for the top.

Check out these kiddos and others in the galleries below. We decided to do a boy’s and a girl’s gallery for this post—although there may be some overlap with children seen in the background!

Thank you for helping to make this summer a big splash for these precious children!