Special Care Center

This is our longest-running Special Care Center, which was one of the first of its kind. It is located in northern Henan province in the city of Jiaozuo, which sits on the northern bank of the Yellow River and borders Zhengzhou to the south and Luoyang to the southwest.

Our partnership with the Jiaozuo Children’s Welfare Institute (CWI) began in 2005. NHF’s very first Special Care Center was set up inside the Jiaozuo CWI (which itself was new at the time) and was designed specifically to care for children born with conditions that were incompatible with prolonged life. The children who came to our Center were comforted and fed, and if they did pass away, they did so in a peaceful and loving environment.

The Jiaozuo Special Care Center is still a place that offers peace and comfort to orphaned children in need. It is the smallest of our Care Centers and currently has 9 beds. It is staffed by New Hope Foundation employees who love and care for the children. Most of our kids in Jiaozuo currently have more long-term needs, such as cerebral palsy, and they are looked after night and day by our wonderful nannies and caring on-site nurse.


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