The Perfect Day to Double Down

Mar 21, 2024

Kara and Kendra

Today is World Down Syndrome Day! To celebrate and honor this day, we are delighted to highlight two incredible and precious members of the New Hope Foundation family, Kara and Kendra. Some of their commonalities include the fact that both of their names start with a K, they were both born in the month of April, and they share the uniqueness of rocking an extra chromosome! We can’t wait to celebrate the lives of these girls next month for their birthdays, but today we want to take a moment to recognize this extra special part of them.

Kara is one of the youngest children in our care, and from the moment we first met her, we knew it wouldn’t be long before she was wrapped around everyone’s finger! This snuggle-bug quickly worked her way into the hearts of the children and staff. She loves to be held, cuddled, and rocked to sleep. She’s gaining strength in her body and resilience in her heart. Being born with Down syndrome is one of the unique parts of her story that makes her beautiful. She was also born with a gastrointestinal condition that hasn’t slowed her down from practicing tummy time or playing with her favorite colorful toys!

Kendra didn’t come to us quite as young as Kara, but she also fit right into the love and care given at her Hope Healing Home. She is a bubbly, happy girl who often claps her hands, blows kisses, and waves goodbye to all! She regularly attends a playgroup where she’s learning more social skills and different ways to play. She’s got a lot of “spunk and sass,” which entertains all her nannies and nurses! It is not uncommon for children with Down syndrome to be born with congenital heart disease, which Kendra also has. She has a strength and tenacity in her that helps her conquer the obstacles in her life, and we’re continually inspired by her bravery.

Down syndrome can be viewed in many ways, but to us, it is a superpower. We are so very grateful to have known, cared for, and loved numerous children with this unique superpower, and we have borne witness to the resilience, boldness, affection, compassion, humor, and brilliance it brings with its diagnosis. The road may not always be easy for these special kiddos, but they are so worthy of every opportunity of hope we can give them.

We seek to celebrate, honor, and raise awareness to help create a more loving, accepting, and inclusive space for children like Kara and Kendra, for they are so deeply cherished!