Tiny Soakers and Puddle Jumpers

Oct 3, 2023

Angela and Alika

Fall may have arrived on the calendar and summer technically come to an end, but that hasn’t stopped the children in our Hope Healing Homes from continuing to have lots of outdoor fun. Pleasant temperatures have made it possible for them to keep playing outside and we have loved watching their antics!

In one Healing Home, our little squirts were given some super-soakers complete with a water reservoir they could wear like a backpack for maximum drenching-power. Their nannies got them all suited up and then they were off to chase each other, to help water the plants and shrubberies, and to see if they could give the birds overhead a little extra bath!

In another Healing Home, the kids had a blast playing in the warm rain and jumping and splashing in the large puddles it created. Most of the boys faced the elements fearlessly, while the girls preferred to be sheltered under their bright pink princess raincoats. Chatwin was the winner for the most splashes made and also the tallest. And as you’ll see in the photo galleries below, he’s a definite contender for biggest smiles and laughter as well!

Thanks for making these kinds of days possible for the children of New Hope.